Susana Barzuna
Operations Manager for LATAM

Susana is a Costa Rican-based certified ServSafe® food safety instructor who travels around Latin America training restaurant employees on how to safely prepare and serve food to guests.  She also inspects restaurants throughout the area, determining whether these establishments are following proper food safety protocols.

“Food safety training is so important.  Food handlers have our lives in their hands,” Susana explains.

Her top three food safety tips for restaurants include:

Wash your hands frequently (and make sure every restaurant employee does the same!)
Keep everything clean, closed and labeled.
Keep foods at the right temperatures: cold foods cold and hot foods hot!!!

Susana loves traveling with Cocina Verify™, getting to know restaurants (and their employees), and experiencing real Latin American culture.  She also enjoys meeting people and sharing her knowledge about food safety, which benefits customers and restaurants tremendously.