How Cocina Verify Works

Cocina Verify provides your business with safe practices and verifiable standards while driving strong customer satisfaction for tour operators, hotels, and restaurants. We bridge the gap between food and water safety claims and actual standards verification. The need for greater transparency and validation to reduce risks and liabilities is forcing the tourism industry to value standards first and reviews second. Let Cocina Verify be your vital link to businesses that demand the highest standards in food and water safety enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.




Restaurants need to provide tour operators with verified proof that they are meeting high food and water standards in order to continue receiving tour groups. Let Cocina Verify position your restaurant to be a preferred choice of international and domestic tour operators.

- Cocina Verify is your turnkey solution for all your food safety and hospitality needs

- Monthly employee training and inspections ensure your restaurant is preferred by tour operators and tourists


Tour Operators:

As legal liabilities continue to increase in the tourism services industry, it’s vital for tour operators to reduce risks. Tour operators need to validate food and water safety standards at the hotels and restaurants they visit. Transparency and measured standards are the solution to reducing risks, growing your market share, and increasing customer satisfaction.

- Reduce your risk, legal liability, and negative reviews from water and foodborne illnesses

- Tour participants are demanding more trust and confidence in restaurants and hotels


Hotels / Conference Centers:

Cocina Verify provides monthly food safety training and audits of hotel/conference center food service facilities. Tour operators and conference organizers have a lot of hotel options to choose from. Food service operations at hotels require additional verification to ensure guests’ safety. A foodborne illness outbreak at a conference can destroy a hotel or conference center’s reputation and affect revenues.


Food Service Chains / Franchises:

Cocina Verify provides all the tools that food service chains and franchises need to meet their food safety obligations. Our team is able to meet all of your food safety training, auditing, and hospitality “tune-up” needs. Please contact us so we can show you how the Cocina Verify team can fulfill all your corporate food safety and hospitality training needs better and cheaper than than the competition.

Cocina Verify™ is a third-party restaurant training and inspection program that validates: the water in each restaurant is safe to drink, employees have received proper food safety training and the restaurant has passed rigorous monthly inspections.

Restaurants that are verified on Cocina Verify will have the following in common:

Safe Water

One of the fundamental necessities in creating and serving safe food is that restaurants must have safe, drinkable water - free of microbiological contaminants - available throughout their facilities.

Employee Training

All restaurant employees that handle or serve food will possess an internationally recognized food safety training certification.

Safety & Inspections

All restaurants must pass a minimum of two inspections per year that are based on the U.S. FDA Food Code. These inspections are performed by vetted, third-party inspectors from the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to guarantee a 100% food safe dining experience?

    Nowhere in the world can guarantee a 100% food safe dining experience. Food safety is based upon the level of risk to the public. It is Cocina Verify's goal to reduce the level of foodborne illness risk by educating the public about which overseas restaurants care about - and have been trained in - food safety protocols. Consumers can now see which restaurants have been listed on the Cocina Verify™ website, and use that information to make more informed decisions about where to eat and which restaurants to avoid.

  • How does Cocina Verify™ work?

    Restaurants that choose to participate in and pass Cocina Verify™ requirements will have the following in common: WATER QUALITY TESTS Each restaurant must pass a minimum of one water quality test adhering to U.S. EPA standards for microbiological contaminants. FOOD SAFETY TRAINING Restaurant employees must pass an internationally recognized food safety-training course. SAFETY & INSPECTIONS Restaurants must pass monthly inspections performed by local inspectors and two, third-party restaurant inspections per year conducted by personnel from the United States. These inspections are performed by vetted food safety inspectors from the United States and are based off of the U.S. FDA Food Code. Cocina Verify provides this service as a vital link between tour companies, restaurants, and hotels to help reduce risks along with maximizing trust and reliability.

  • Who are the inspectors?

    Cocina Verify™ has identified several third party food inspection companies that compete for the opportunity to inspect restaurants that have applied for Cocina Verify™ listing. All inspector credentials have been verified before they are allowed to participate in the inspection bidding process.

  • Why do so many people get sick when traveling to countries outside of North America and Western Europe?

    The Centers for Disease Control states that "Poor hygiene practices in local restaurants is likely the largest contributor to the risk for Traveler's Diarrhea... Attack rates range from 30% to 70% of travelers, depending on the destination and season of travel." Connor, Bradley, A. Traveler's Health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015. Web. 10 Oct. 2015.

  • Isn't Traveler's Diarrhea just from eating food that my body is not used to having?

    No, most cases of Traveler's Diarrhea come from bacteria, such as strains of E. Coli, Campylobacter, and others. These bacteria are normally found in the digestive tracts of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Poor hygiene practices by food handlers/preparers is one of the main causes of Traveler's Diarrhea. It's not pretty, but if you get traveler's diarrhea it means you have ingested small pieces of feces from someone who is preparing or handling your food.

  • Does Cocina Verify double-check the inspectors' work for further validation?

    Yes, restaurants are aware that Cocina Verify™ may send a different inspector for an additional inspection at anytime during the contract period to ensure the restaurant maintains its compliance with the Cocina Verify™ program requirements.

  • Do the restaurants pay Cocina Verify to be listed on the website?

    Cocina Verify™ is not paid by the restaurants in order to be listed on the website. Through Cocina Verify™, the restaurants pay for the inspections themselves. If they do not pass the water test, inspections, or employee trainings, they are not listed on the Cocina Verify™ website.

  • Why are there no reviews on your website?

    When it comes to food safety and foodborne illness, peer reviews offer consumers' opinions, but do not provide readers with any trustworthy/validated information. Cocina Verify™ uses industry experts from the United States to validate that food safety and water quality standards are being met in each of the restaurants. Travel suppliers and tour operators should choose Cocina Verify™ restaurants and choose One Standard for Food Safety!