Cocina Verify's Services

Cocina Verify provides your business with regular employee training and facility auditing solutions that work to ensure safe practices and verifiable standards are maintained while driving strong customer satisfaction of your products. We provide actual verification of food and water safety claims, along with gluten free claims through regular training and auditing procedures. The need for greater transparency and validation to reduce risks and liabilities is forcing the food service, food manufacturing, and hospitality and tourism industries to value standards first and reviews second. Let Cocina Verify be your trusted partner and vital link to businesses that demand the highest standards in food and water safety and gluten free labeling verification.




Restaurants need to provide customers, tour operators, and group bookings with verified proof that they are meeting high food and water safety standards in order to grow their business.

- Cocina Verify is your turnkey solution for all your food safety and hospitality needs

- Monthly employee training and inspections ensure your restaurant is preferred by tour operators and tourists


Hotels / Conference Centers:

Cocina Verify provides regular or monthly food safety training and audits of hotel/conference center food service facilities. Tour operators and conference organizers have a lot of hotel options to choose from. Food service operations at hotels require additional verification to ensure guests’ safety. A foodborne illness outbreak at a conference can destroy a hotel or conference center’s reputation and affect revenues.


Food Processors / Manufacturers:

Conducting regular employee training and auditing is essential in ensuring your operation is following Best Manufacturing Practices. Achieving food safety benchmarks is vital to ensuring customers receive high quality and safe products. Product recalls can do irreparable harm to a company’s good name in the industry.


Supermarkets and Grocery Stores:

Internal auditing and training programs may not be as effective and meaningful as having these vital functions conducted by an outside group. Cocina Verify provides supermarkets and grocery stores valuable services in order to maintain food quality, customer service, and ensuring products enter and leave the store in a safe condition.


HACCP & Food Safety Master Plans:

Should your operation incorporate HACCP plans? Do you need a Food Safety Master Plan written to place food safety at the forefront of your operational priorities? Cocina Verify is your one stop shop for all of your food safety needs. Contact us to experience our expertise and top notch customer service.